Have you ever wondered why a competitive exam is so difficult to crack? Thousands of competitive exams take place in India, but only a few of them are tough. They are hard to comply, and it becomes tough for the students to crack them in one go.

But then again, you might wonder. If the exams are not meant to be tough, why are they called competitive in the first place, right? Only the most deserving candidates can get them. What is worth acquiring in your life never comes naturally for you. This is taught to us at a young age 😉


For the millennial, these exams become the source for them to find a well-paid job. These toughest exams India will help them to assess the situation and also land their feet somewhere. Some of the white-collar jobs that you see will get you a position of dignity and fame. And eventually, with time, you can earn more and have a well-designed future out there for you.  

What are the Top 5 Toughest Exams in India?

Here are some of the top and the toughest competitive exams India that you need to follow. 


UPSC Civil service Exam



These competitive exams India are considered to be the hardest for students to score and crack at the first go. India’s civil service officers are recruited with the help of this exam. There are around 900000 candidates who appear every year for the said exam, but only 0.1-0.3 per cent manages to pass. The review which is presented for the students is tough to comprehend since the syllabus is strict as well. These exams are conducted for the candidates who will later be recruited so that they can be eligible for the position. There are around three levels of this exam which are presented for the students. The introductory level is go-to-luck. The central review is where the shell breaks. And the personality exam is where you sweat. This book which contains 25 Years UPSC IAS/ IPS Prelims Topic-wise Solved Papers 1 & 2 (1995-2019) will help you in practising for the main exam.


  • CAT- Common Admission Test



This test is the gateway for the students to get into a management line and business schools. To do your MBA, you have to appear for the CAT Exams. The syllabus of this exam ranges, and it entirely depends on what your business school is wanting you to look for. The students who are appearing have to be judged based on their writing, listening, and even logical reasoning skills. This exam contains the toughest courses India where you can sweat it all out, but still, your syllabus will remain stuck to page one. The scores which you get for the exam are accepted by the business schools and MBA Colleges.  This book for How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude of CAT will help you to manage your scores. 


  • IIT- JEE



The Indian Institute of Technology which also goes for the short of IIT JEE, is another hard nut to crack. It is one of the toughest competitive exams in India and one of the hardest engineering courses that the students have to appear for. The candidates who look for the said course are shortlisted. If they want to have their graduation or enroll their name for the NIT, IIT groups, then they have to appear for the said exams. There are two parts of this exam which are conducted. The JEE Main and the JEE Advanced. The required test which is taken is based on the structure of the JEE Exams. Mathematics for IIT JEE book will eventually help you to overcome one fourth of your fear. 


  • GATE- Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering



GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) is conducted for the candidates who want to have postgraduate courses like the MTech which are offered by the IIT. There are some of the top colleges which takes these toughest exams India. GATE scores are checked by a lot of companies. So if you manage to crack this exam, then you know that you have a special treat waiting for you. Almost the entire of the UG syllabus is conducted with the help of this exam. The courses apply for around four years duration time, and it makes it extremely hard for the students to cope up with all the stress. Some of the students have repeatedly said that they don’t want to continue what they have started in one go. This GATE books is one of the Bestseller for GATE Exams which help you get started.





Cracking the score of the AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) is the dream for every candidate out there. This is one of the toughest exams India which helps you to land somewhere decent. AIIMS is conducted by the prestigious institutions of India. There are people and recruiters from New Delhi who comes across and selects their name. If you want to top the results here, then you can get selected for the top medical institutions and colleges out there. There is only a limited number of seats which are allotted for the students. So this is the prime reason as to why this exam is so tight. This books which has 22 years AIIMS Chapter-wise Solved Papers is one of the bestseller for AIIMS exams.


Engineering exams or medical exams, if you appear for one, then you can set your mind to what you need to do.

A lot of students out there feels confused and hopeless as to why they cannot complete the course that they have chosen. Here are some tricks which can help you to perform better. 

  1. Make sure that you calm your mind.
  2. Always limit your choices and evaluate as to what you appear in for.
  3. Make sure that you understand the depth of the course. 

Once you crack these toughest exams India, you will have a bright future lying ahead of you. Learning is a part of life, ain’t it right? If you take up your course in a fun-filled way then learning will become easy for you. It will come natural to you as well. So guys, don’t be afraid just because you are finding it hard to finish one year. Breathe in and relax. You will get through it. 

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What do you think, which is the toughest exam? Do share with us in the comments below!