Be it the Indian social structure, entertainment, transport or retail industry, all of them have been disrupted by start-ups in recent past. Business ideas like WhatsApp, TVF Play, Ola/Uber and Big Basket have not only disrupted the saturated industries but have also opened new doors of growth and development for the country.


Thought leaders often say “Ideas can change the World” and in recent years we have seen how much small-scale businesses and start-ups have simplified our lives. The advent of start-ups like Groffers and Big Basket have made it easy for us to acquire fresh groceries and get it delivered according to our need and timing; start-ups like Ola and Uber have made our traveling easier and a lot more comfortable. Start-ups like Oyo rooms allow us to find suitable, affordable and comfortable staying option on our fingertips.

What is the next big idea that can change the social structure and lifestyle of people in India? Which Indian start-up has the potential of growing into a Billion Dollar industry? Let’s have a look at new and already existing start-up ideas from around the world that when implemented in Indian can bring the much-needed revolution.

New Business Ideas 2018

  1. Internet of Things
    Internet of things future in india

    Heard of Amazon Dash Button? If not, check it out here. It is an Internet of Thing product that is connected to Wi-Fi can place order for groceries and other necessary items with just a click. Press the button and you have successfully placed an order for Toilet Paper with Amazon. This one business idea when implemented in India can be a great Business-to-Business start-up idea. Pioneers like Flipkart will line up to acquire its services or the whole company because their recent move of acquiring Ekart Logistics signals that they are looking forward to improve user experience and IoT will prove to be a boo.

  2. Truck loader App for common people

    Shifting homes in India continues to be a gruesome task because it requires you to spend time packing things carefully and transporting them on your own. There are companies that provide with transportation facilities but none of them use State of the Art facilities for making the experience hassle-free and enjoyable. One can always come up with an application for requesting transport service and getting requisite details like date of appointment, service pricing and details of the cargo beforehand.

  3. Digital Billboard Network

    Indian cities are decorated with colorful billboards but only a percentage of them are Digital. A start-up that provides enterprises access to Digital Billboard Network is bound to be the next big thing. Digital Billboard Network will help in the following ways:

  • Cost cutting.
  • Real-time ads.
  • Allows businesses to put up videos in place of static ads.
  1. A Car Parking App

    Owing to India’s growing problem of more cars and fewer roads, a Car Parking App is going to be the next big thing. The app can aggregate spaces from local people and also from warehouses where there’s plenty of unused space and rent it out to people on an hourly basis. Since varied people can use the same parking space in a day the cost is also not going to be a huge factor. Pre-booking feature can enable people to plan their trip in in advance and make sure that they find space to park their car.

  2. Customised Drone Supplier

    Today the sky is filled less with stars and more with Drones. Photographers, local surveillance agencies and government are using Drones for better photography and surveillance needs. Amazon has also started delivering products in the United States of America with the help of Drones, which indicates that major businesses will be looking forward to acquiring the idea. Businesses find it easier to collaborate with a third party for additional services instead of building them on its own hence Customized Drone Supplier business is going to a rage among the enterprises. An online portal that displays your best products and leverages the customer with requisite details about your product is all you need.

  3. Office Space Rental


    With the ever-rising number of start-ups, the need for office space is on an all time rise. These start-ups generally consist of 4-5 members, which needs very less space for accommodation when compared to giant enterprises with thousands of employees hence offices built for companies are not the ideal destination for these start-ups. Office space rental or commonly known as Co-Working space can help these start-ups gets going. These co-working spaces need not to be very big. A hall that can accommodate 100-200 people is good to go. The co-working space must provide basic essentials like meeting room, postal address, Internet access and loads of office. With a strategic selection of a place for operating, co-working spaces can earn a fortune. Read this to know how to make a profitable co-working business plan on Enterpreneur.

  1. Cloak Room Services

    With a number of people migrating from one state to another growing in India; the problem of handling language is rising like never before. It is not possible for people to take all of their belongings in one trip hence they need to either leave these items with their relatives or donate them; which incurs a lot of loss. With cloakroom services in place, which allows people to rent a room like space in remote corner of the city can be of great help. Movers will be able to pay rent and keep their items safely and take them away whenever needed. Remote areas are going to be the best place for setting up one such business because land is going to be less expensive in outer areas.

  1. Mobile Electric Charging Stations

    We all have seen how e-rickshaws have cluttered our cities, can we not use the same model for filling our cities with useful mobile electric charging stations? Oh Yes! We certainly can and it also provides an impressive business opportunity as well. Such machines can either be installed at populated places like malls and public offices. One can either provide charging facility by charging money through inlet system used by vending machines or provide charging facility for free and make money by displaying advertisement. Once refined, this idea can turn out to be a multi-million dollar industry. Currently, TATA has EV charging stations in Mumbai.

  1. 3-D Printing Services


    We have vistaprint and inkmonk like companies that provides people with customized visiting cards, greeting cards and business letterheads but we do not have a company that provides with 3-D printed customized items. With the growing popularity of 3D printing services, almost every other person is eager to own one of these. It is not possible for everyone to own a 3D printer and print items for their needs because 3D printers are very expensive. A business that provides people with 3D printed customized items at affordable price can prove to be a great business opportunity. Entrepreneurs can also bring the cost of printing by displaying advertisement, seeking sponsorship and by letting other agencies put their ads on their boxes as well. 

  1. Gluten Free Bakery


    This one business will require you to set-up branches in cities where people are looking forward to adopting a healthy lifestyle. With a huge potential in India, Gluten Free Bakery business will skyrocket as soon as it is established. India has witnessed an unprecedented rise in a number of health fanatics but the consumables have remained the same. A healthy eating alternative will make Indian people bet their money on the products of Gluten-Free Bakery.


  1. Business Incubator OR Startup Incubators

    Government of India has decided to establish incubators and provide a healthy environment for start-ups to grow. Most of these incubators are being established in reputed colleges, which will—in the long run—turn start-ups into stereotyped businesses. Start-ups need a free environment with requisite access to quality mentorship, growth opportunities and someone to help with insight. Private incubators can prove to be the best alternative. If you are someone who has loads of business gyaan to spare and if you can afford to help start-ups skyrocket then Business Incubator is the idea you should go ahead with it. You can charge start-ups up to 10% shares and make a successful business out of incubated start-ups.

  2. Smart Home Contractor

    With Indians spending lavishly on their homes, you have a business opportunity right in there. Indians are now getting obsessed with machines; they love to click buttons and see things happening. Get in touch with tech enterprises and start providing common people with quality services like Smart Home. Be the contractor and help people turn their homes into smart homes. Make your services affordable by opening 2-3 varied sources of revenue and see your business become the next big thing.

    Bonus: Check this Smart Automation Video by L&T ????

  3. Energy Auditing Company

    Energy Auditing Cycle!

    With Companies and Instituting going Green, it is extremely necessary to have a system that keeps a check on the Green Energy Meters and makes changes accordingly. Energy Auditing Companies can be used efficiently for curbing usage of extra energy and for helping businesses in smooth transition to green energy. Such enterprises are the need of hour and can grow to be of great help to humanity. The government of India is willing to sanction funds and other institutional help entrepreneurs who are looking forward to do something with Green Energy.

  1. Business Broker

    With the ever-growing list of start-ups and investors, we are in dire need of a system that bridges the gap between two. The contemporary business environment desperately needs a system that not only bridges the gap but also eliminates bogus, fake and incompetent entries from both sides. There are a lot of incompetent founders and fraud investors, a system that can eliminate such worms can be of great help to start-up community and country’s reputation. There’s a lot of ways through which Business Brokers can make money, charging start-ups, a percentage once they get funded is the most common source of revenue in The West.

  1. Financial Planning Services

    Occurrence of events like Demonetisation and implementation of GST has left Indian financial sector open and now everyone is willing to put their money in a place, where it grows the most. Enterprises like are helping people cheaper insurance but not the kind of insurance and investments they need. Every person is going to have different life goals, which requires different approach hence now is the right time to start a business that provides with quality financial planning services in India.

  2. Remote Call Center Services


    India is often referred to as the back drop of IT industries. India continues to own one of the most thriving Call center industries but we are yet to turn our industry into multi-layered. Same call center providing services to more than 4-5 companies at a time is the need of hour. With layered call center services, the cost is bound to come down and also the productivity will increase. Start-ups are going to have a great time dealing with such remote call center services because of the less costing and also additional advantages of not owning an office for customer support.

  3. Vegan Store

    With the ever-growing number of fitness freaks in India; a vegan store is not only a great business idea but also something that India needs desperately. We have vegan products being sold on Amazon, BigBasket and other outlets but we lack Thought Leader in the industry. A thought leader will not only steal away the customer from Amazon but will also leverage Indian diaspora with access to quality and healthy vegan foods.

  4. Manpower Supply

    India’s labour handling culture is very ill and has no respect for the labours. A business that can systematize and give the due respect to labours will not only thrive but will also acquire eyeballs. Manpower supply business will work like a marketplace for labours. Business/constructors can put up their requirements and the team can easily make group labourers available for hiring. This business will require the team to go out there and get the labourers registered on the site. One can also make use of Aadhar System’s API for developing one such business and solve one of the most prominent problems in India. For more info on, how to register and start the manpower supply business india, check out this Quora thread.

  5. Mushroom Harvesting

    India’s culture is growing like never before and with the much-needed change being introduced, eating habits are also changing. Today people want to eat healthy, fresh and tasty items hence businesses out there needs to come up with new and exciting products. Mushroom harvesting and its online sale may be the next big thing in India if implemented properly. 

  1. Children Services

    A marketplace for parents where they can find services related to their children. One click and parents can hire a caretaker, baby sitter, doctor, teacher, guard or book appointments for vaccination and other medical procedures. Solving this one problem will make the lives of parents very much comfortable and happy.

Do you have an idea that you think can change India for better? Do you know any of these ideas when implemented properly can turn into a billion dollar business? Let us know your ideas and suggestions in the comment box.