There are many lesser-known faces in the Struggle for the India freedom movement. The Indian movement for freedom struggle had many leaders who underwent rigorous torchers and even gave up their life and bought Independence to the country. Few leaders and fighters like Bhagat Singh, Azad, Rajguru, Sukhdev, Ram Prasad Bismil, Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Subash Chandra Bose took the limelight whereas there are many other leaders whose names are also not known to the masses.


Here is a list of few freedom fighters who are lesser known to the masses but their contribution is highly played a vital role in the getting India’s freedom.


1.Vinayak Damodar Savarkar

Vinayak Damodar Savarkar was born in a family of Brahmins in Nashik, Maharashtra. He was nicknamed Veer as he had bravely fought against the attack of a horde of Muslims against the people of his village. He always believed in the fact that one should always believe in himself and that only makes them confident to fight against enemies who are stronger than themselves. This is enough to stand as a testimony that one’s mental strength only acts as a self-motivating factor and helps them to fight against all the odds. This courage only helped him survive all the tortures that he was put through for voicing out against the British and fighting for their rights. He has a statue erected in the Cellular Jail, Andaman for his valor.

2. Kattabomman

Kattabomman is a king of the district of Tirunelveli in the state of Tamil Nadu. He was a small-time king who ruled Pachalankurichi. His first war against the British was due to the agony that rose when the Britishers had imposed taxes on the people of Tirunelveli. About 1/4th of the land produce should be given as taxes are what the condition that the British had set. They were all the kings who fought against the Britishers well before the advent of the Great Revolt of 1857.

3. Benoy, Badal, and Dinesh


Bengal still holds a great place for this trio who joined together due to similarities in their aims. Benoy was a medical practitioner; Badal and Dinesh were college youths. They were highly influenced by the Bengal Volunteers group that served the purpose of spreading the propaganda of using methods of violence to drive away the Britain forces from the country. They proclaimed Swarajya. They planned an execution against Simpson, who was the inspector of the Prisons. They were not able to tolerate the torments that were thrown at the prisoners. Dressed up as Britishers, the trio entered the Writer’s Building at Dalhousie Square and shot him dead. Badal had cyanide to kill himself whereas Benoy and Dinesh shot themselves. Dinesh survived the fatal injury. He was hanged at the Alipore Jail after spending several years at the prison where he penned stories of courage and self-sacrifice. The Dalhousie Square was renamed as BBD Bagh, and a statue has been erected in the remembrance of the trio.

4. VO Chidambaram Pillai

VO Chidambaram Pillai is a businessman who got influenced by the extremists of the Congress party. He proclaimed Swarajya. He started several movements that encouraged the use of Indian goods over the British goods. He started a ferry service between Tuticorin and Colombo named the Swadeshi Steam Navigation Service against the Britishers’ ship. He was imprisoned several times owing to the anti-imperialistic activities that he committed against the British. He was made to pull the chain of the oil rig in the place of a bullock. He is called Kappalotiya Tamizhan and Sekkilutha Semmal by Tamilians.


5. Subramanya Bharathiyar

Subramanya Bharathiyar is a scholar, teacher by profession. Though a Brahmin, he fought for the upliftment of the lower sections of the society. He was a close aide of VO Chidambaram Pillai. He served as an editor of several newspapers that propagated Swarajya in the minds of the people. His patriotic poems aroused the emotions of nationalism in people. He died a tragic death in Chennai at a very young age.

6. Pazhassi Raja

Pazhassi Raja is the king who had fought against the Britishers long before the Great Revolt of 1857. Pazhassi Raja defeated the Colonel who once defeated the great king Napolean. Their unparalleled martial arts skills and the elephantry stood as a stiff fight for the Britishers.

7. Rani Gaidinliu

People aren’t aware of Northeast India’s contribution to the struggle for independence. Gaidinliu was a very young girl who had risen against the British for the suppression of their tribes and the plan to convert them to Christianity. The Britishers had imprisoned her. She spent several years of her youth in the prisons bearing all the trouble. Nehru had met her after her long stint in prison and coined the titled ‘Rani’ for her. She stands as a symbol of strength and courage.

8. Gopal Krishna Gokhale

Gopal Krishna Gokhale was born in a low-income family in the state of Maharashtra; Gokhale’s family had made sure that he got the best education. He earned a degree in English that got him a clerk job. He was moderate in his views and one of the senior leaders in Congress. He is the mentor to Mahatma Gandhi. He had visited him in South Africa and mentored him the ideals of Congress and freedom movement. He had played a vital role in the Congress party well before the advent of Gandhi. He found the Servants of India Society.

9. Vanchinathan

Vanchinathan is yet another common man who rose up against the top authorities of the British due to the atrocities they committed against the people of Tirunelveli. He had shot dead Collector Ashe, and he killed himself in the Maniyachi Railway Station. He is one among the many other freedom fighters who had given up their lives after achieving the target of killing the British.

10. Subramanya Siva

Subramanya Siva had been jailed several times by the British. He is a revolutionary speaker and writer. Once he got affected by Leprosy that he was prohibited from traveling in trains by the British. He traveled through the length and breadth of Madras on foot and died due to the disease. He never stopped the propaganda even during his battle with the disease.

These are the list of plenty of other great souls who had laid down their lives for us to live in peace for the rest of the centuries to come. There will be many more great freedom fighter and leaders who had helped in their own ways in getting the freedom for India. If you’re interested to read about other freedom fighters, we would recommend you to check this Quora thread.

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