Conspiracies or conspiracy theories have always been fodder for one’s inquisitive mind. Be it in India or any place else; conspiracies always make way for the doubt to grow and feed our mind exclusive and covert beliefs pulled out and brought together by influential organizations or people. We all feel the need to known about the unexplained occurrences around us that happen without anyone’s basic or prior knowledge, which pokes are grey cells to sometimes over think about the certain unexplained happenings and to view it as an unconventional secret molded by conspiracy theorists.

Some theorists do produce an authentic overview of certain events that compel us to believe the existence of such happenings.

India is no stranger when it comes to conspiracy and the theories abiding it. She too has her set of conspiracies which even till today could not be unearthed and lay beneath its national soil.

Let’s take a look at few of the most conspired theories:


One of the highest rated theories even today that has been conspired by many is the death of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. There are one too many theories behind his death since nobody was found or witnessed by anyone. It is said he died of third-degree burns in a fatal plane crash in Taiwan. While some say, he was alive and lived incognito in a temple at Taiwan, to escape from being murdered by influential and powerful political figures in India. Most believed that he lived as a war criminal in a Russian jail where he later died.


How much excess can be a mother’s love for power that she can murder her own son? Well, that what it has conspired over the years. Indira Gandhi was known to be a very shrewd and cunning woman who loved power more than anything. She would cross any boundaries to gain what she wanted politically. It is said that Sanjay Gandhi’s assassination was orchestrated by his mother Indira because he got the better of her by constantly blackmailing her and challenging her cruel dominance.


Bhagat Singh was one of the front-runners of the independence movement in India during the British reign. He was known for his immense patriotism and Anti-British actions. He was arrested for the murder of Assistant Superintendent of Police, Mr. John P. Saunders and the Central Legislative bombing in the year 1929. It is said that Gandhi could have stopped the execution of Bhagat Singh had he tried but refrained from doing so because Bhagat Singh’s violence infused campaigns against the British was a direct threat to Gandhi’s anti-violence movement.


Independent India’s second Prime Minister Mr. Lal Bahadur Shashtri supposedly succumbed to a fatal heart attack in Russia after signing the Tashkent Declaration. But theorists have conspired that why was there no report of post-mortem after his death. Also, questions were raised as to where was the thermos flask that he had drunk his water from right before his death not delivered back to India with his other belongings. This led to the conspiracy that he was probably poisoned.


During the reign of Emperor Asoka of the Mauryan dynasty, it is said that the emperor had appointed nine loyal and trustworthy to protect nine books of immense knowledge. The emperor felt that if these books had fallen into the wrong hands, it could lead to the destruction of the human race by various means. The books included topics on Warfare, Physiology, Sociology, Cosmology, Alchemy, Microbiology, Gravity and Anti-gravity devices, Psychology, and Light & Technology.


Dr. Homi Jehangir Bhabha is considered and famously known as the father of the Indian Nuclear Program. He was killed in a plane crash near Mont Blanc in the year. But conspiracy theorists believe that the death was orchestrated by the CIA to hinder the growth of the nuclear program.


In the year 1947, by the Transfer of Power Agreement, India gained independence, but it was also obscured that it would be a Commonwealth Nation. The question about India being still under the British colony was when Queen made a visit to India in 1997 without a visa.

8. VIMANAS (VEDIC aircrafts)

According to the Vedis, oldest form of literature, Vimanas are of two types, first is the man-made flying objects which we know as airplanes and second is the unstreamlined mysterious flying structures, which we know as UFO(s). The reason being mentioned here is the fact that there could be a possibility of its existence long before the Wright brothers invented the airplane. This can be derived from the carvings of flying objects (apparently not birds) on ancient cave walls.


The reason why the launch of this missile came into the conspirator spotlight is that of the properties it held. Agni IV weighed 17000kg with an operational range of 4000km and Agni V weighs 50000kg with a range of 5800km, this being said it raised questions of authenticity to information. Chinese experts felt the missile had the potential range of 8000km, believe that this was said to hide the actual range power of the missile in order to protect itself from attacks.

10. TSUNAMI 2004

If conspiracy theories are to be believed, it is said that the 2004 Tsunami that hit India causing immense damage was due to the Nuclear Bomb Testing going haywire. During the Second World War, New Zealand and the USA carried out a nuclear bomb-testing session which could trigger electromagnetic waves to cause a Tsunami and destroy a coast, which proved to be a success but was put in the back burner. But the Tsunami that hit India is allegedly believed to be another bomb-testing to cause such destruction.

Conspiracy theories can be a good way to excite your thought process, but one should be careful in what to believe in. it is because not everything has valid proof and one must refrain from making loud judgments based on just theories of words with no validation.

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