Not everyone is born with a silver spoon in their mouth; some people work hard and make their way to the riches. People from the middle class and poor families have always relied on jobs for breaking the monotony of living with deficiency of resources. Jobs have helped poorest of the poor to get access to the State of Art facilities and lifestyle.

We often come across news, “rickshaw puller’s son bagged the highest package at IIT” and “son of a government employee is all set to make it big on Facebook”. Such news is not only news but stories of sacrifice, hard work and desire to achieve something big in life.


Gone are the days when students from a poor family where left behind due to lack of information; today with information being available freely on Internet, these lads from poor family are actually planning their career smartly. They have laid a roadmap to success and are bound to achieve it because they know, how it feels to live with basic necessities of life.

With this smartly curated list of top 10 highest paying jobs in India, we look forward to helping parents and students choose a career that promises a happy tomorrow and unlimited opportunities for growth.

Highest Paying Jobs In India Both Private and Government Sector

Note: The salaries listed here are the average of industry standards. For example Hospitals like Apollo pay their head surgeons up to 50,00,000 INR annually but a number of Apollo Hospitals in India can be counted on the finger. The average salary presents a clear picture of the opportunities Indian students can avail in coming future.

1. Management Professionals

A pool of employees can get the work completed and delivered on time but without the management at the top, the workforce will fail to work in synchronization and fall apart. Management professionals are like a computer processor, their job is to allocate resources and set priority. While the Business Development Management team ensures proper growth of company internal management team ensures that workflow is maintained and services are delivered accurately.

The job of Management Professional involves a good amount of risk and requires hours of hard work. Once the entry level is crossed, professionals can go ahead and ask for great packages.

Salary of Management Professionals:

Entry Level Salary: 3,00,000 INR Annually.

Mid Level Salary: 25,00,000 INR Annually.

Experience Level: 80,00,000 INR Annually.

2.Investment Bankers

Often referred to as Money Man, these are the people who balance the profit and loss for giant enterprises. They often take non-performing assets and try to work it out or make a profit by selling it. Enterprises dealing with Mutual Funds use the expertise of these Investment Bankers for selecting funds that are going to perform well in coming times.

Investment Bankers have grown indispensable for giant enterprises, it is their expertise that has helped a lot of enterprises save themselves from going bankrupt hence they are rewarded well in form of Salaries and Stock Options.

According to India Today, Investment Banking is one of the six jobs that can make you Rich.

Salary of Investment Bankers:

Entry Level: 12,00,000INR Annually

Experienced Level: 50,00,000INR Annually

3.Chartered Accountant aka CA


One of the most respected jobs in India, CA is not only about recognition but also about loads of money. A well-groomed and experience CA can change the fortune of a company. Chartered Accountants are generally found helping companies fill and save taxes through varied methods and exemptions. They also play a crucial role in the decision of acquisition of businesses and counterparts.

Independently Chartered Accountants can rake in a lot more money than what they earn while working for enterprises.

Average Salary Package of a CA In India?

Entry Level: 5,50,000 INR Annually

Experience Level: 25,00,000 INR Annually

  1. Aviation Professionals


India has a booming aviation industry and umpteen opportunities for the millennial to earn well. Indian Air Force pilots generally take Voluntary Retirement and apply for these jobs because of the huge pay they provide. Upcoming students can target these jobs and prepare accordingly only to take home impressive salaries and handful respect.

Salary Package Of Aviation Professionals

Commerce Pilot: 20,00,000INR annually

Helicopter Pilot: 18,00,000INR annually

Aircraft maintenance engineer: 9,80,000INR annually

5. Medical Professionals


Doctors employed in reputed Hospitals, Labs and Research Firms not only find recognition in their fields but are also leveraged with a good take-home packages.

Average Salary Package for Medical Professionals:

General Practice Salary: 5,00,000INR Annually

General Surgeon: 8,10,000INR annually

Medical Doctor: 15-17,00,000INR annually 

6.Oil and Natural Gas Sector Professionals


Marine Engineers, Geologist and Chemical Engineers are the ones who get promoted to positions like CEO very easily. A chemical engineer with the requisite business skills will not only do really good in this sector but will also be rewarded very well.

Average Salary Package

Entry Level Salary: 5,00,000 INR Annually

Experience Level Salary: 10-15,00,000INR annually with additional perks.

7.IT and Software Engineers


At the end of the day, working as a Marketing professional, Doctor, Pilot or Investment Banker is impossible without an IT guy managing the network of computers impressively. IT and software engineer jobs are the most sought jobs in the contemporary India, which is one reason why package provided is so low.

While the industry average is low, experienced and highly talented IT Guys are raking in millions of dollars on annual basis.

Average Salary for IT & Software Engineers

Entry Level: 3,50,000 INR annually

Mid-level: 8,30,000 INR annually

Experience Level: 15,00,000 INR annually


Gone are the days when marketing was a job, in the modern world, where competition is so fierce, Marketing is an art. Marketing jobs are high paying because they need to be very precise with their ads and placement of ads. One mistake and the company can be branded as cheap, fraud even racist.

Students from varied backgrounds like engineering, arts, social welfare with love for art and creativity can apply for these jobs and take home impressive annual packages.

Average Package of Marketing Professional In India:

Entry Level: 2,00,000INR annually

Mid Level: 5,00,000INR annually

Experienced Level: 10,00,000+ annually

9. Law Professionals


Over the years, the nature of jobs Law students finds have changed and they have changed for better. Earlier the only option Law students had been either to practice law or help people with affidavits/certificates. Today Law Students can work with companies from around the world and help them avoid legal complications.

Businesses have gone Global, with varied countries having varied rules; it gets important for MNCs to have lawyers working for them. These legal professionals can help companies avoid the legal hassle and build a business in peace.

Average Package of a Law Professionals In India:

Corporate Lawyer: 6,50,000 INR annually

Senior Attorney: 9,50,000 INR annually

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10. Business Analyst

With businesses going online and small-scale industries betting on the market share of giant enterprises, it gets important for them to hire business analysts. These professionals help businesses find opportunities, cover loopholes and advertise where the audience is actually present.


Companies not hiring quality business analysts can have a fate similar to Nokia and Kodak.

Average Salary of a Business Analyst In India?

Entry level salary: 3,00,000INR annually

Experienced Level Salary: 6-8,00,000INR annually

India is the home to modern day industries; we are manufacturing Cars, Mobile Devices, Satellites, Affordable Medical Equipment and also Quality Software, which allows the Indian students to work hard and find a job that pays for all the effort they have put in. With an immaculate skill set of Communication, IT, Marketing and Business Analytics students today can acquire high paying jobs.

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