In today’s competitive world, one needs a number of skills to do great in their jobs. A student cannot always go for degrees to get the required skills reason being that institutions charge a huge amount of money which every student can’t afford.

We are living in the 21st century, we are surrounded by so many resources one of them being the Internet. Students nowadays can easily learn from the internet. Whether you are five or ninety-five, you can easily open your laptop and learn from these websites. There are many websites providing services for a very affordable price or for free.  These websites provide the students with the knowledge, study material, notes, online test. It has been believed that online education is not as valuable as learning in classrooms, but it’s all a myth. You cannot always go to classrooms for enhancing your skills. Your knowledge and skills matter more than degrees. The times are changing and skills and knowledge are considered more than degrees while hiring for jobs.

Following are some of the top websites for students in India:-

India Bix ( 


India bix is one of the most popular websites used massively by students. It provides students with complete study material for free of cost. It has a large number of question banks for students to help them practice, and master the topic. This website also offers interview tips, group discussion topics, placement papers. Students and learn and practice

  • Quantitive Aptitude
  • Verbal Ability
  • Reasoning
  • General Knowledge

Khan Academy (


Khan academy is a very popular website that offers “free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere”. Khan academy gets your academics on track and helps you gain mastery over topics and also helpful when comes to brushing up for topics before exams. This site is a complete package that provides students with study material for courses including history, economics, biology, programming, calculus, physics, and many others along with test papers. Students can also prefer this site for career counseling.

Do also check which provides a lot of courses and resources for students.

Merit Nation (

Merit nation is a very helpful website when it comes to CBSE and ICSE school students. It provides NCERT solutions which help a great deal when it comes to school students. It offers CBSE and ICSE online study material. Also, this website offers question banks to help students with their board exams.

Shiksha ( is owned by Info Edge (India), the owner of the brands like,, and several others. It was started in 2008. It provides astrological insights to matter related to education, academics and opportunities both in India and abroad. This website provides comprehensive guidance for different courses and streams available. provides a platform for students to ask their doubts, stay updated with the latest news. This website also provides career counseling in for of community named as Shiksha café.

Aglasem ( is also a very popular website as it provides a huge amount of study material for students to be it CBSE or ICSE. Students coming from any background Engineering, Medical, Management or any other can go for it as it is very useful. Students can solve questions to gain confidence and mastery over the topic. It also provides a platform for queries.

The Penny Hoarder (

The penny hoarder is the best website when it comes to students to learn how to save money and manage their finances. From teaching about best coupon deals to earning side cash to fill up their pockets to budgeting to managing debt.

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Top Universities (


Students who are looking for courses and streams, that fits perfect for them, Top Universities is the perfect website for them. It is a one-stop-shop for any student’s needs. It gives you information about everything. You can find the best schools worldwide and you can compare them based on their ranking reviews etc.

The Balance Careers (

The world is running at a fast pace and in this rapidly changing world, you need a clear cut idea when it comes to career. The balance career is the perfect website for you when you are looking for jobs. This helps you in finding jobs according to your personalities, writing perfect resumes, and all resources that can be helpful for a student.

Bonus Info: There are two very important websites where every student should have an account. First is (an question and answer site where there’s a lot to learn) and second Reddit ( Subreddits like r/personalfinance and /r/TodayILearned are the best.)

Now, it’s your turn. Do let us know in the comment section, if we’ve missed any useful websites specially for students. Also, share your favorite website in the comment section.

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