Not everyone finds their perfect match while going to college or while working at a multi-national company. Sometimes it is shyness while most of the times it is computability that keeps people away from finding a match. Internet today has not only opened the market for goods and services but also for friendship and love. Facebook helped millions of people find their lost school friends and family members and applications like Tinder are helping people find the PERFECT DATE.

Well, there’s certainly nothing as a perfect date but efficient use of these applications can help people find and meet people with a similar perspective towards life.

Tinder is certainly a great invention and it has helped people find and meet new people but as a dating platform India people have misused it and on the other hand, the application has got also crowded. The probability of meeting a person you already know has increased by leaps and bounds.

Tinder may be failing at helping you find new people but a lot of other applications are cashing on the opportunity. Less popularity, additional features, and safer interface guarantees you a memorable user experience. Let’s have a look at the varied dating app options we have today.

Top 10 Best Dating App In India


  1. Badoo

Let’s start with the most widely used and popular dating app India. With 100 Million+ downloads and an average rating of 4.3 stars, that can put other contemporaries to shame, Badoo that is the place to go when looking forward to exciting dates and people with common interests. The app tracks people from your locality and suggests you meet them personally or in-group. The site has a good number of fake profiles, which at times destroys the quality experience.

Badoo is so very popular because it provides users with access to tons of functionalities without asking for money in return. Badoo is one of those few dating apps that allow you to build a complete profile, interact with other people at a stretch and also offers “search” button for finding a particular person. DNA India’s story citing Badoo having 180 million users in India is just the testimony you need to download this dating app today.


  • Just share your location and you will have a pool of people to chose from
  • Additional features for free that makes it the perfect app to meet new people


  • A little crowded. When you share your location, you might end up seeing people you already know.
  • Seeks a lot of personal info, which can be misused

Download Badoo dating platform India

  1. OkCupid

Everyone who has used both OkCupid and Tinder will tell you that the former provides greater insight into the person you are interested in. OkCupid may emerge, as the winner in the battle with Tinder but the later is known for introducing you to people who are eager to go on a date. The fact that Tinder has more people willing to go on a date is mere because of the reputation of the app while with OkCupid the chances of finding a person with similar interest are way higher.

The fact that OkCupid lets you answer a lot of questions and then processes them through an algorithm to help you find the best possible match is simply awesome. One can easily trust OkCupid’s algorithm for finding the right match for FREE.

With 10 million+ downloads and an average user rating of 4.1 on Play Store, OkCupid is not only popular but very useful too.

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  1. Happn

Well, Well, Well! Here’s come the dating app that lets you find and connect with a person you saw in real life while walking through a subway or boarding the same bus. This application has diminished the possibilities of meeting random people and increased the possibility of dating a person you saw in real life.

Happn shows you the list of person you have crossed paths with in recent past. It is mandatory for the other person to have Happn application installed on their phones in order to appear in your list. The USP of Happn is that it shows the time and location of the encounter between two people.

With 10 million downloads and an average rating of 4.4 on Play Store, this is certainly one of the best dating platforms India out there. Download it today and get in touch with the person you eye on a daily basis but couldn’t get in touch. Read a detailed review of Happn dating app on Askmen.


  • Allow you to send a crush and let the other person know, that you are interested.
  • The developers claim the app to be 100% safer.
  • Until and unless the other person sends you a crush back, they will not be able to know about you, they can only see your picture. 


  • Can show a lot of people you know and meet on a daily basis.
  • The app is free for females while the male counterparts need to pay.
  • Anonymity can be misused.

Download the Happn Dating App

 4: Hot or Not

HNT is a modern-day dating app; unlike other dating apps, HNT uses a new paradigm. You can link your HNT account to your Facebook account, add a picture and also invite your friends to see how well you are rated on this platform. The application shows you profiles of single people from your locality and asks you to rate Hot or Not; if both of you rate each other as Hot, congratulations! It’s a Match. 

With more than 10 Million Downloads and an average Play Store rating of 4.1 Star, Hot or Not is certainly a rage among the contemporary generation.


  • Facebook verification decreases the number of fake accounts you will encounter.
  • Very popular among the masses. Easy to find a match.
  • Allow you to upload multiple pictures and improve your ranking.


  • A lot of people find it Sexist and calls it an application only for Beautiful people.
  • Totally based on physical attractiveness of a person.

Download the Hot or Not Dating Platform India

  1. Woo dating app 

With 1 Million downloads and an average rating of 3.8 on Play Store, Woo happens to be a household name in dating apps India. The reason Woo is so popular has got to do a lot with its security features and user interface. A lot of people refer to Woo as LinkedIn of online dating, while in reality, it is a clear rip off of Tinder. With the same color scheme and matching paradigm, Woo is the distant cousin of Tinder. Only thing that sets Woo apart of Tinder is that it allows you to go through a profile again and again while once you have swiped left on Tinder, you cannot go back to the profile.


  • You can find people from diverse background and professions.
  • A bit of background check keeps the fake profiles at bay.
  • You can view the same profile again and again


  • Looks like Tinder, Sounds like Tinder.
  • Tech glitches are a common affair

Download the Woo dating app

Numerous dating apps are available on the web but only a few of them offer safety and actually cares for your personal details. When looking forward to finding a date online, it is necessary we follow a safety manual and do not give away too much information at the earliest. Internet is a great place to be at but not the safest. Be alert, be safe, keep your personal details hidden.