Bollywood movies have been showing us different colors from the time of Raja Harishchandra. Things have changed immensely over the years and people have taken up several initiatives to create better movies than the general crowd’s expectations. Bold, straight to the subject and intense films are being made even when the crowd apart from the target isn’t so pleased with it. So Bollywood cinema has crossed several milestones which makes us list down top 10 movies of all time:


  1. Mother India

    This was the first ever movie that talked about the “women” of this country and how hard it is for them to continue doing everything, every day while maintaining the values of their families and society. The movie received praises from critics around the world because of the hard-hitting acting skills by Nargis and how she struggles to maintain the life right after Independence with her two sons. This film was also nominated for the Academy Awards which made it the first ever film nominated for an international award.
  2. Taare Zameen Par

    There can be many issues that our child can face while they are growing up. Ishaan, an 8-year-old boy, suffers the same when he is misunderstood for his problems in school and regarding studies. He is sent to boarding school in hopes of having better results by his parents. The child struggles to survive there till a new art teacher discovers him. Aamir Khan’s portrayal of the art teacher will not only make those parents feel ashamed of their deeds but also made them understand that every child is different and they need different guidance.


  3. Swades

    Mohan Bhagav is an established man in a country outside his motherland, but when he comes on a short holiday to visit his homeland he cannot stand the different issues that he discovers with each passing day. The village faces problems regarding water, electricity and other things which are now his responsibility to fulfill somehow. He brings hope to the small village and teaches everyone that one step at a time can take you to the final destination.


  4. Chak de! India

    Kabir Khan, the selected coach for the National Hockey Team of Women, is struggling to get past his image and also trying to lead the girls into a victorious position. His character is inspiring in all the ways since he tries his level best to bring the girls together who belong to different regions of the country and have different motives for being in this team. Despite all the differences he gives them the best coaching for winning on the international ground against the best teams.


  5. Rang De Basanti

    Youngsters have this rage about doing things and changing things that are wrong in a country but what happens when they actually do it? The film portrays 6 youngsters who help an English Journalist for her documentary about freedom fighters while realizing their own heart’s voice. They realize how a country can never change if there is no revolution or fire in the hearts of the citizen. Six of them belonging to complete different households come together to start something that gave every martyr the deserved respect.


  6. A Wednesday

    This film revolves around a phone call made by a police officer who is about to retire and regrets about a day he won’t ever forget. He talks about a case which was never registered under the case sections but is haunting him till date. It’s about a Wednesday and a man. The thrill throughout the movie and Naseeruddin Shah along with Anupam Kher will keep you glued to the screen until the end of it.


  7. OMG – Oh My God!

    In our country, Religion is something that is prior to everything be it rules and regulations, education or the government. This movie showcases every person that has blind faith in the gods and goddesses and how their faith is broken once in a while. The attitude of baba or the guru of the society who is deceiving us about facts and figures. The movie’s highlight is how a man charges an FIR again God while an earthquake causes havoc in the city. He blames the god for such an act and wants justice for it.


  8. Dil Chahta Hai

    This was a change in the path of Bollywood since it portrayed the real-life stories of people and how they conversed with each other. Farhan Akhtar’s debut was nothing but a successful trip to the friendship days involving three childhood friends. The friends live their lives to the fullest but also face issues when they fall for the same girl and how they overcome the issues is a treat to watch. The music and the setting is an add-on for the audience too.


  9. 3 Idiots

    This film is based on “5 Point someone” a book by Chetan Bhagat which showcases the reality of every child born to a mediocre family. While the humor in the movie would surprise you at every alternate second, the hard-hitting truth will also make you realize the issues. Boman Irani’s Portrayal along with Aamir Khan and other actors made it a package that you cannot miss. How you can actually move ahead and out of many difficulties only if you think a little and sing ‘All is Well’ is also a hope for the kids who are pressurized to follow the same as others.


  10. Andaz Apna Apna

    This portrays two rival families who want to win the heart of a girl but in that same journey become her protector from other criminals. They try their way into getting rich but find many other hidden issues while on their journey. While they fight their battles, they discover things about the Bajaj family too which is a shock to them!

These are some of the major Bollywood blockbusters of all time. We have seen Bollywood change, polish and moved ahead with ideas and thoughts for the betterment of the country. These movies are worth your time and money while you enjoy them! Which are your favorites from this top 10 list.