Third world country, land of snake charmers, the backyard of IT industry and what not? India, the secular land of colorful culture has been called upon by western media in every possible way. Hundred years of hard work and perseverance of India has helped it not only be a self-reliant free country but also numero uno in varied aspects. India rules the space programs, a pioneer in producing world-class doctors and medical equipment.

facts about india 2018

The western media continues to refer to India as the third world country with problems like illiteracy and poor economic condition. While the government works harder than ever to bring India on the map of the world in matters of infrastructure and economy, there are few facts that make India rank higher in varied developed countries. 

Let’s traverse through a list of facts and information that will make us feel proud of India:

  1. India exports software to 90 countries: India has been referred to as the backyard of IT industry because of the booming BPO industry but facts present a totally different story. India is not only handling customer services but also leading the evolution from the front. Yes! India has been exporting software packages to 90 countries. The numbers are very high and rare; while countries like US and Korea are considered to be the IT leader but absence of India will make the industry slump.


  1. Chess was invented in India: We all know that Golf was invented in India but did you know that Chess was also invented in India? India’s sporting history is not only grand but evolutionary as well. Likes of Vishwanathan has helped India make a mark in the Chess industry. Read more about it, here.


  1. Not only Zero even Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus were invented in India: Bhaskara II contributed whole-heartedly to the development of modern mathematics. Bhaskara II invented calculus while other studies like trigonometry and Algebra had his huge and incomparable contributions. Get more details, here.


  1. The biggest movie industry in the world: Hollywood might be huge when it comes to raking in revenue but India’s movie industry is the biggest when it comes to producing the number of movies in a year. Studies show that India produces more than 1000 movies annually. Hollywood needs to work hard to get ahead of us. Let’s be proud of it.  Get the intricate details, here.


  1. Second largest English speaking population? Yes! You read that right, India happens to be the country with the second largest English speaking country. United State continues to be the country with the highest number of English people. A rough estimate claims that 10% of Indian diaspora speaks fluent English.


  1. Only the third country to have built Super Computer on its own: India is not only exporting software packages to more than 90 countries but is equally investing in its own growth. India is the third country after the United States and Japan to have built a supercomputer on its own. India has an indigenously built Super Computer, well, we all can be proud of it. The story of India building its own super computer. 


  1. India has never invaded any country: studies and history show that India has never invaded any country in past 1,00,000 years. India has always been a powerful entity in the sub-continent but then it has also been a responsible estate. India does not believe in expansion policy. Spillng more beans on this, here.
  1. No other country has won a Kabaddi: Kabaddi was invented in India hence it goes without saying that we need to be the best at it. In the entire history, no other country than India has won a Kabaddi world cup. India retained the title during 2017 world cup as well. Read the history of Kabaddi world cup, here. 


  1. Indian Railway employees more than a million people: Microsoft, IBM and HP like tech giants together cannot employ as many people as Indian Railway does. Indian Railways employees more than a million people in India. The detailed report by Business Standard.


  1. The largest number of post offices: Advent of e-commerce industry has made the not so popular Indian post offices emerge as the latest sensation. Their door-to-door services and corner-to-corner services have made it easier for people and e-commerce enterprises to create a thriving ecosystem for online shopping. India is the country with the highest number of post-offices in the world. Published in India Today. 

These ten pointers are enough to make us feel proud of the country we live in, Ain’t they? The world looks upon to India as a potential market but we can also be the manufacturing hubs. It is now time for us Indians to rise and take up challenges and make our country a better place to live.