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Top 10 Indian Conspiracies Theories That Are Hard to Believe

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Conspiracies or conspiracy theories have always been fodder for one’s inquisitive mind. Be it in India or any place else; conspiracies always make way for the doubt to grow and feed our mind exclusive and covert beliefs pulled out and brought together by influential organizations or people. We all feel the need to known about …

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Top 10 Best Bollywood Movies of All Time

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Bollywood movies have been showing us different colors from the time of Raja Harishchandra. Things have changed immensely over the years and people have taken up several initiatives to create better movies than the general crowd’s expectations. Bold, straight to the subject and intense films are being made even when the crowd apart from the …

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10 Facts About India that Will Make You Proud

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Third world country, land of snake charmers, the backyard of IT industry and what not? India, the secular land of colorful culture has been called upon by western media in every possible way. Hundred years of hard work and perseverance of India has helped it not only be a self-reliant free country but also numero …

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